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Places to visit in Washington DC

Places to visit in Washington DC

Washington DC is a popular tourist destination and rightly so, it is saturated with rich history and beautiful scenery all around. It’s the perfect getaway for couples, families, and groups.


This area contains some of our nation’s greatest historical treasures, including, museums, memorials, parks, and much more. There truly is something for everyone. And the best part is that many of these attractions are still free to the public!




What to See



Come to Washington DC and immerse yourself in the history, arts, music, scenery, great food and the extraordinary atmosphere. There are places to visit and things to do from dawn to dusk.


Enjoy many farmer’s markets, museums, memorials, nature walks, and then experience the nightlife; there are endless options.


Visit our Top Attractions page to get a glimpse of what awaits you in this magical city. We also have comprehensive lists of attractions sorted by category that you can peruse to plan your trip. You’ll find those under the “What to See” tab.


Where to Stay

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Peak tourist season runs between June and October.